Animal Therapy 

We have a variety of animals here on the farm including our flock of Herdwick sheep, some Dexter cows, chickens, ducks, geese, shetland ponies, pigs, alpacas and other pets in our small animal section, without forgetting to mention our very friendly dogs who are always keen to be made a fuss of. A good part of our day is spent involving our visitors in the routine of feeding, watering, mucking out and caring for the general welfare of all our pets and livestock. 
The many animals here provide much amusement, with their various antics and strong characters there is always something interesting to see! We are firm believers in the positive affect that contact with animals can have on the individual. I have always had animals in my life and have gained so much from just being around them, studying their behaviour and learning to care for their different needs. 
The distraction of simply watching an animal play and go about its business can work wonders on someone’s positive state of mind, let alone having the chance to develop a bond and trust with that animal. One of our main aims at Farm Effect is to allow people the opportunity to have this therapeutic experience with our many creatures, enabling visitors to build an understanding, care and respect for other living things in a relaxed and safe environment. At the right time of year visitors can witness our lambs being born and also take pleasure in bottle feeding orphans that we take on from larger neighbouring farms. More recently our hatchery has provided much entertainment for all.  
Visitors can watch the process of chicks developing, from candling eggs, incubating them, watching the chicks hatch, nurturing them through to adulthood and one day seeing them scratching around on the paddocks and laying eggs for everyone to collect. We are ever expanding on our list of farmyard friends and will soon be host to some other residents. The goat play pen is well under way to accommodate some new arrivals, a ferret fairground is under construction and our many Guinea pigs are soon to be relocated into the “Guinea Pig Palace”, watch this space! 
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