Out in the Field 

Outside of the farmyard, Rattycombe Farm has 74 acres of pasture and woodland to explore providing an endless list of outdoor activities for groups and individuals to take part in. This really is where our visitors get the full farm effect and have the chance to experience being a part of that active lifestyle in the great outdoors. Have fresh air in your lungs, sun (or rain) on your face, working in the countryside and engaging with nature. 
This is all about teaching practical skills and involving people in meaningful tasks about the farm, of which there are many. Some of these include repairing and replacing stock fencing, building animal shelters and housing, hanging gates, woodland management, coppicing, logging, making pathways and treads, clearing and strimming, tree planting, wattle making, digging up potatoes and the list goes on..…  
A big part of our farm life is looking after our flock of sheep. Being out in the fields with our visitors gives them the chance to help with the daily checks as well as with herding in the sheep and assisting with their regular health and welfare routines. Working on all these tasks together requires regular communication and teamwork and is a great way for clients to come out of themselves, build their confidence, learn new skills and feel their own achievement in the work that we have done. We are keen on conservation here and we like to preserve small parts of the farm that are more feral and accommodating to wild birds, butterflies, lizards, amphibians and other wildlife. 
Visitors can enjoy nature walks to spot the different species and wild flowers and take part in making extra habitats for hedgehogs, construct bug hotels and make bird and bat boxes. All the time learning about how these creatures exist and why it is so important to look after them. In the season groups can enjoy foraging in our hedgerows for elderflowers, blackberries, sloughs and apples from the orchard to make juices, jams and cordials. 
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